Business needs stable and flexible features.

Indispensable apps & modules for enterprise apps in NodeJS

Customers usually require custom design elements and features such as integrations of 3-rd party widgets and external data sources.
Using full-featured and the most flexible Node.js CMS you’ll spend less time to implement all demands. Re-imagine your web development.

Stable Beta - soon v1.0

Docker Manager is the ultimate tool for management Docker instances - build, start, kill container from the admin interface that’s why developers like Docker.

Manage Multiple Hosts
Event Actions

Alfa - in development

Want to build Amazon clone? Ecommerce Manager enables to import and convert Data, manages Workflows and has powerful API.

API anywhere
Advanced Data Import
Workflows Management

Alfa - in development

Full-featured and robust nodejs CMS

Stop styling predefined widgets and components! Attach instead reusable behaviors to your design. Just take your HTML and setup content editors, controller, data bindings and parser in a few clicks.

Modules for all web developers with everything
what you need for NodeJS app.

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Boost your NodeJS app with enterprise features in no time.


Will help you to schedule tasks. You can easily set up date in week, time and frequency for each task.


Never again have hard time grouping, synchronising and comparing data feeds. Download

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