Node.js Enterprise Content Manager

Customize anything – thanks to total.js

The total.js is well designed, and very fast nodejs framework. You can extend or replace anything: serving static files, generating e-tags, authentication, authorization, controller behaviors, etc. Total.js represents a nice modularity approach. You can use modules or the whole packages to extend CMC functionality.

Strong Rest API

API is very useful when you need to migrate content, run scheduled tasks, or do something from the outside. Every user has auto-generated API key. If you want to activate it, just define IPs from which requests are allowed, or simple type “*” to allow any IP. After that you can request all CMS resources used by admin area path (/admin/…).

Front-end developers love it

You can build your own widgets directly in the administration area and reuse them. We don’t like auto-generated components like forms, menus or carousels, because every front-end is unique, has his own styles, layouts, JavaScript, etc. We want freedom by choosing what will be component look like, what JavaScript framework will be used and how will the data be loaded (AJAX, or rendered on the server).