Enterprise Node.js Content Manager Overview

The idea to build node.js CMS was to make website development faster and less difficult. It can handle almost any data viewing and the editing scenario. You always need custom design elements and features, such as integrations of 3-rd party widgets, and external data sources. Here is a list of some Content Manager features:

  • provide full control over templates and controllers directly inside the administration area
  • is full-featured with nice editing (text, blocks, components)
  • has powerful Rest API
  • built entirely in JavaScript (NodeJS)

First download an empty-project from GitHub and read the documentation. Open Content Manager admin and you will see screen displayed above.


On the left side is menu. Let's describe it's sections from the top.

  • Logo
  • Three dots - Change menu position from left side to top of the page.
  • User Management - Add, delete and set up user's roles.
  • Website Structure - Create tree structure of the website and edit content
  • Images - Display added images in the tree structure
  • Public Files - CSS, images, fonts, JavaScripts, etc.
  • Templates & Widgets - Template management, add or delete Widgets and create Pages, if you need different layouts.
  • Forms - Create and set up forms, which can be used anywhere on the website.
  • My Account - Change password and log out
  • Application Configuration - Set up mailers and CMS routes.