User Management

With the User Management you can manage users and their level access to the application. Options to create new user, delete or disable access, reset password are a must. Take a look at the screen below and you’ll find all mentioned options.

Advanced User Management

By clicking on the button to view more details, you’ll see User ID, API Key, Allowed API IPs and place to add Notes. Enter IP to allow access for a user. If you need to allow all IPs for the user enter "*".

Note: Nowadays we only have two user roles - admin and user, more roles are to come in the future. Have a look at the table below to see what our future plans are and send us the feedback -

Role Description
Superadmin has access to the all domains, administration features and all other features, can create any type of user.
Admin has access to all administration features but only for specified domains. Admin can create new users except the Superadmin and the Admin.
Developer has access to all administration features for allowed domains but he can't add new users.
Editor can edit structure and content, add new Widgets and Forms for allowed domains and can add users with the role User.
Content Editor can edit structure and content.
User has access only to the own profile.