Eshops with supreme performance

Fast, easily extendable, Node.js and Open Source Ecommerce Platform 


E-commerce API

Publish Data from Ecommerce manager anywhere (Mobile App, Content Manager, E-shop, Amazon, Marketplace, Intranet...). You decide what products and where will be published...

Supreme performance

You don't need massive Hardware to ensure high speed as only the product's data flows between client and server.

Limitless Enhancements

Every customer has different processes, number of warehouses, order workflow, product's connections - you are able to customise anything & everything for your customer fast and easily.

Robust Import

Enjoy the advanced import settings. With them can you not only quickly add new import but you can also set up conversions of the product's attributes. You can utilise visual control of the conversion rules for debugging, automate validations and checks.

Custom Order Workflow

Every company has their own and different order of workflow. You can set it up easily in the Admin area. Just add proper email notifications and you are done.


Using the Tags as categories is optimal for multi-e-shop.

Jobs and Scheduler

Automate product's imports, conversions and re-pricing. With setting it up once you’ve ensured displaying your actual data in real time (i.e. prices and stock availability).

Search by Elastic

Offer visitors the perfect experience. Connection to Elastic enables full text search, search suggestions and real-time filters.

Multi . . . . . .

Multi-language, Multi-warehouse, Multi-e-shop, Multi-currency - you don't need to add any plugin - everything is already under the hood.

Keep you updated

Do you like features of Node.js Ecommerce Manager? We are currently in the development mode – Alpha version. Nowadays this e-commerce platform can handle all thinkable requests, is very fast and easily extendible. In a few weeks we’ll roll out Beta version.

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