Node.js CMS that works

Makes website development super fast and content editing a breeze.


Build with modern technologies for modern websites. Any website developer will find themselves at ease since the beginning. Even front-end developer know set up back-end features.

Website Developer

Fact is, that customers always want custom design elements and features. It is easy extend with extra functionality. Simple work with templates and quick installation save a lot time.

End User

Editing content has to be easy. Content Manager can build new pages using widgets. Onsite content editing makes changes visible immediately.

Concept and Features

NodeJS Enterprise CMS was born to handle almost any data viewing and the editing scenario. Yes, many good content management systems can do this, but it often means developing new plugins, data structures, types of data editors in the administration area. Here comes new CMS concept, build with up-to-date technologies for next-generation websites.

Freedom for developers

We don’t like auto-generated components like forms, menus, or carousels because every front-end is unique with his own styles, layouts, javascript.
We want freedom when choosing what will component look like, what javascript framework will be used and how will be data loaded (AJAX, or rendered on the server). With Nodejs Enterprise CMS you can build your own widgets directly in the administration area and reuse them.


API is very useful when you need to migrate content, run some scheduled tasks, or do something from outside. Every user has auto-generated API key.
If you want to activate it, just define IPs from which requests are allowed, or simply type “*” to allow any IP. Then you can request all CMS resources used by admin area path (/admin/…) - of course you have to be allowed to by the role of a user.

Customise anything

It is possible thanks to Total.js. A full-featured, well designed, and very fast nodejs framework.
You can extend or replace anything: serving static files, generating e-tags, authentication, authorisation, controller behaviours, etc… It brings nice modularity approach. You can use modules or whole packages to extend CMS functionality.

Next Features

We are working hard to make Content Manager the best, easy to use and as fast as possible CMS. We are planning to add new features and would like to know, which one you would prefer the most. Choose the feature listed below or suggest a new one. Thank You!

What’s next?

Download an empty-project from GitHub, read the documentation and start creating websites and apps. Or join us on GitHub and Twitter - follow @nodejs_enter.